The Anonymi Foundation is an entity owned wholly by the NA Home Groups and is directed by the ASIS Conference. To date the Anonymi Foundation is not a corporation as the Groups have not given instruction for the foundation to incorporate. Its purpose is to copyright Traditionalist literature in the name of the Groups who create and direct the Alternate Service Informational Structure.  The Anonymi Foundation does not register literature in the name of the foundation. The Groups themselves own the literature.  We do not need anyone to hold our literature for us because the member-addicts of those Home Groups are the trustees of the literature those very Groups write.  The beneficiary of the literature is the still-suffering addict as well as any addict seeking freedom from active addiction.  The Anonymi Foundation does have an elected agent, however that agent has no power to act on anything without being directed to do so by the NA Groups through the annual conference of the Alternate Service Informational Structure.

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Anonymi Origins


Alternate service informational structure (for narcotics anonymous)