Alternate service informational structure (for narcotics anonymous)

This is a meeting list of "Traditionalist" NA Groups who create, direct, and make the Alternate Service informational Structure, its annual conference, and The Anonymi Foundation directly responsible to them. 

*For the most recent and accurate information considering the meetings in the UK, Sweden and The Netherlands we refer to the weblinks below and the meeting information found on their webpages. The information in the meeting list below might not be outdated now that information changes often due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Please contact the local webpage/group for the most recent information.


ASIS Meeting List Updated APRIL 2021.PDF

Due to Covid-10 a lot of Groups meet online, please contact the Group to get the correct information. Some Groups have send in their online meeting information, you can find this information in the ASIS Meeting List ONLINE:

ASIS Meeting List Online Updated 11-13-2020.pdf

We can only update the meeting list when Groups inform us on changes that need to be made or meetings that need to be added or removed. Please send this information to nahelp.org@gmail.com 


This file was designed to be printed on regular size paper (letter) and stapled - It may be printed on single sheets or front and back but it is not designed to be folded, just stapled together and handed out.

ASIS Home Group Web Sites:

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