Alternate service informational structure (for narcotics anonymous)


The following literature is not necessarily  complete - it is for input and review.

Our literature  is written by addicts, for addicts, and is about addicts and recovery through the Fellowship and Program of NA.  Our literature is written by Home Groups and member-addicts in Open Participation, usually at literature conferences hosted by Narcotics Anonymous Home Groups.  

This is "Eighth Tradition Literature", meaning it is not  professionally written.   Any NA Group may use this literature or revise it for their own purposes provided it is always freely given, and that our message is never composed as a "work for hire", but rather written as a "labor of love".  

The literature here is in various stages of development.  Some of it is very near completion and/or already in use by various NA Groups, while some is simply in the input phase and will essentially be a collection of very raw material submitted by various addicts and Home Groups.  What happens to it, is up to you and your Group!  We invite all NA members to submit input and/or use this literature as you see fit through your Home Group Conscience and in accordance with the Traditions and above conditions.

The ASIS Groups may eventually approve one, none, all, or any combination of these and future pieces.  What is important is that we as members in our Home Groups are writing!  No Group is bound by the decisions expressed at the ASIS Conference and any Group may approve any piece of literature for their Group purpose at any time!


Total Abstinence IP - USA Size:               Total Abstinence.pdf
Total Abstinence IP - EU Size:                  Total Abstinence.pdf
Commitment IP - USA Size:                      Commitment.pdf
Commitment IP - EU Size:                         Commitment.pdf
Communication IP - USA Size:                 Communication.pdf
Communication IP - EU Size:                    Communication.pdf
Ego IP - USA Size:                                      Ego .pdf
Ego IP - EU Size:                                         Ego.pdf
Reservations IP - USA Size:                       Reservations.pdf
Reservations IP - EU Size:                         Reservations.pdf
ASIS for NA IP - USA Size:                         ASIS for NA.pdf                         

A view of NA Group

Conscience IP - USA Size:                        A view of NA Group Conscience.pdf

Open participation IP - USA Size:            Open Participation.pdf

Open participation IP - EU Size:              Open Participation.pdf

​Meeting entiquette IP - USA Size:           Meeting Entiquette.pdf

Meeting entiquette IP - EU Size:              Meeting Etiquette.pdf

Concerning relapse IP - USA Size:         Concerning relapse.pdf

Concerning relapse IP - EU Size:            Concerning Relapse.pdf

Creating an atmosphere of

recovery - USA Size:                                Cultivating an atmosphere of recovery.pdf

Creating an atmosphere of 
recovery - EU Size:                                   Cultivating an Atmosphere of Recovery.pdf

We're not doctors - USA Size:                 We're not Doctors.pdf

We're not doctors - EU Size:                    We're not Doctors.pdf


Twelve Step Serie - USA Size:                 12 Step Series.pdf

Twelve Step Serie - EU Size:                    12 Step Series.pdf

Homegroup - USA Size:                            Home Group.pdf
Homegroup - EU Size:                               Home Group.pdf
Personal Responsibility - USA Size:        Personal Responsibility.pdf
Personal Responsibility - EU Size:​​​          Personal Responsibility.pdf

One Addict's Experience with Group Conscience through the Steps - USA Size:​​​  

One addicts experience with Group Conscience through the Steps.pdf

One Addict's Experience with Group Conscience through the Steps - EU Size:

One Addicts experience with Group Conscience through the Steps.pdf​​​

More literature:

Grey Book Traditions Workbook 3rd Draft WITH EDITS MADE.pdf


Русский перевод шагов и традиций

A View of NA Group Conscience IP

Paths Of Recovery (Greg P)

Old School Step Writing Guide

Spanish Baby Blue

Complete Abstinence in Narcotics Anonymous_IP*

We're Not Doctors IP*

Unity (2015-08-25)


Grey Form Step Working Guide (3rd Draft)

Alive & Free - The Non-Negotiable Twelve Traditions Of Narcotics Anonymous
(work to date as of 12-02-2016 by Alive & Free Nomads Group of NA)

Traditions Book Input
(Not same as Alive & Free Traditions Book - This is a larger effort in very rough form at this point that does include much of the Alive & Free input as well)

Recovery & Relationship (transcribed from a talk by Greg P)

Basic Text (Alive & Free Edition)

Alive & Free White Book

Concerning Relapse (Ohio Group)

*All three of these projects grew from the same, original piece and have taken slightly different directions.  

Русский перевод шагов и традиций
Русский перевод шагов и традиций